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Mysterious Ship.The White Ship.Horror Story

  The White Ship 1.Author: "The White Ship" by H.P. Lovecraft. 2-Summary  Basil Elton longs to travel beyond his grandfather's historic North Point light on the untamed seacoast and further, to discover the legendary countries he has heard about. Then one day a silent white ship co mes into port close by, fulfilling his goal. He is invited onboard by the odd old captain. They travel on odd voyages, but can Elton ever discover the fantasy place he longs for?

Horror story the beast in the cave.

1.1.2-The summary 

Short Ghost Story of Haunted House

Table of Contents  1-1.About the Author 1.2 The Story  1.2. 1Conclusions Adeline Virginia Woolf, an English novelist 25 January 1882 - 28 March 1941), is regarded as one of the most significant modernist writers. Woolf was raised in South Kensington, London, in a wealthy family. She studied classics and history at King's College London's Ladies' Department from 1897 to 1901, when she also met early advocates for women's higher education reform. Leonardo Wolf, whom she wed.  The only collection of short tales by Virginia Woolf published during her lifetime, which was either Monday or Tuesday, was published in 1921. It is now exposed.

Bouquet of flowers.| Horror Story.

Bouquet of Flowers 1.-The Story The Bouquet of Flowers is a horror story about a young woman who works in a call center and has an encounter with an angry customer. There was a woman named Mary who worked as a technical support specialist in a call center. It was very busy and the phones were ringing off the hook. She was having trouble keeping up with the huge number of calls. Shortly after lunch, Mary answered the phone and there was a very angry customer on the other end. He said he had been waiting on hold for almost 45 minutes. She apologized for keeping him waiting, but the man was very agitated and didn’t want to listen to her excuses. When she was not able to find a solution to his problem immediately, he became even more upset. She put him on hold and, when she came back, he became very hostile towards her. Mary asked him to remain calm and assured him that she would fix his problem as soon as possible. No matter what she

Talking Doll a Frightening Scary Tale.

  Intro For anyone who likes talking dolls,this is a really scary story. But a talking doll?Really exist? Along with some more realistic instances, you will also find . talking dolls , this is a truly frightening  tale . The maid was discovered deceased in her bed the next morning. The  doll  with a voice was in her arms. She killed my mommy, the  doll  simply continued saying as detectives tugged the rope on its back. She murdered my mother. She murdered my mother. 1-1.Central Idea An old woman who adores dolls and a young woman who despises them are the subjects of the frightening story The Talking Doll. . 1.2. Content  Talking Doll The Talking Doll is a scary tale about an old woman who loves dolls and a young woman who hates them. There was an old couple who had hired a new maid to help around their house. The wife had a huge

Ghost Pirate a real Ghost Story

Table of Contents  1- Intro In the genuine ghost story The Spirit Pirate, a pirate ghost is claimed to haunt an island off the coast of Louisiana. It is based on an allegedly real incident. This pirate tale is based on a historical incident in which a fisherman defied spirits by going in search of lost riches. As he dug, he heard weird noises and pirates started to arrive. There are many various types of ghost stories in Louisiana, which is a location rife with them. 1.1-The Story  The Ghost Pirate is a true ghost story about an island off the coast of Louisiana that is said to be haunted by the ghost of a pirate. It is based on a supposedly true story that was collected in the book, “Gumbo Ya-Ya: A Collection of Louisiana Folktales”. A version of this tale appeared as “The D

A Japanese urban legend a ghostly woman Teke Teke.

Table of Contents  1.Intro 2-The Legend  -Credits  Intro A urban legend about the spirit of a young woman or adolescent  who after falling on the tracks gets crushed by a train and is cut in half. When an angry spirit (Onry) or evil spirit (Yökai), it drags It moves by dragging itself with the aid of its hands or itself around by using its hands or elbows, and as it elbows as an angry spirit (Onry) or wicked spirit scrapes the surface, his torso makes the unique sound (Yökai), that gives him his name. This pounces on a prey and while his torso emits the distinctive sound that gives slashes him in half if they find him after dark. The legend  Legend has it that the Teke Teke is the ghost of a young woman who tragically died in a train station. In her life, the girl was an introvert, and that made her a frequent target of heavy jokes by her classmates. Until one day one of the jokes got out of hand. One summer day (cicada