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La Llorona: A Short Story of Tragedy

  La Llorona: A Short Story of Tragedy La Llorona is a tragic story of a woman who is overcome with grief after her husband and son die. She wanders the streets of Mexico crying and lamenting the loss of her loved ones. Even though she is often seen weeping, La Llorona is never heard singing. Some believe that she can transform into a monster if she is angry or grieving too much, and she is said to kill children who cross her path. This short story is a haunting reminder that life is full of loss, and that grief can be overwhelming. If you're feeling down after a tough day, take a moment to read La Llorona. It may provide you with some solace in your time of need. 1. La Llorona La Llorona is a tragic story of a woman who is grieving the loss of her child. She wanders the streets, crying and wailing, carrying her child's body in her arms. Legend has it that La Llorona will never be able to find peace and will

Big foot scary monster

  Description  Bigfoot is a legendary yeti-like creature that has been seen in many parts of North America. This creature is also sometimes referred to as Sasquatch or Yeti. After some time, anecdotes about Bigfoot have gone into oral custom and become piece of provincial legends. The verifiable record of Bigfoot in the Oregon country starts in 1904 with sightings of a bristly "out of control man" by pilgrims during the Sixes Stream region in the Coast Reach; comparative records by diggers and trackers continued in later many years. In 1924, excavators on Mount St. Helens professed to have been gone after by goliath "chimps," an episode broadly detailed in the Oregon press. Neighborhood Local Americans utilized this occasion to examine openly their own insight into tsiatko, hirsute "wild Indians" of the forest Bigfoot is known by many titles with various societies albeit

Golem Scary Legend

Golem 1-Intro The Golem is a mythological figure from Jewish folklore. The golem is a creature created from clay and given life by a Rabbi. The first golem, which was a mass of clay, was created to protect the Jews from persecution. Over time, many other forms of the golem were created. Some of these golems were made to protect the Jews from persecution, while others were made to destroy the Jews. The most famous golem is the one created by Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel in Prague in 1616.

Axe Murder Hollow Urban legend spooky tale

Sunmary Hollow homicide Ax is a genuine location. Road in the woods that is deserted. Thunder rumbled, lightning flashed, and torrential rain darkened the sky. Moreover, a man perishes as he prepares to seek for assistance after getting his car mired in the mud as his wife waits inside nervously as the ax killer pursues her. Would you like to know what is the scariest? on the Internet are urban legends? then stop your search. This is why the tale came to be known as Axe Murder Hollow. A well-known urban legend is the tale of the hollow murderer with the axe. You may learn all about this terrifying tale in this post. The story of the axe-wielding murderer in the hollow is a well-known urban legend. You may read the entirety of this spooky tale in this Post. Would you like to discover What the scariest thing is? of this myth? In that case, let's get going. THE STORY Axe Murder Hollow     Susan and Ned

A Japanese urban legend a ghostly woman Teke Teke.

Table of Contents  1.Intro 2-The Legend  -Credits  Intro A urban legend about the spirit of a young woman or adolescent  who after falling on the tracks gets crushed by a train and is cut in half. When an angry spirit (Onry) or evil spirit (Yökai), it drags It moves by dragging itself with the aid of its hands or itself around by using its hands or elbows, and as it elbows as an angry spirit (Onry) or wicked spirit scrapes the surface, his torso makes the unique sound (Yökai), that gives him his name. This pounces on a prey and while his torso emits the distinctive sound that gives slashes him in half if they find him after dark. The legend  Legend has it that the Teke Teke is the ghost of a young woman who tragically died in a train station. In her life, the girl was an introvert, and that made her a frequent target of heavy jokes by her classmates. Until one day one of the jokes got out of hand. One summer day (cicada