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The Day of the Dead.It’s Halloween.

A summary of the history of HALLOWEEN It's Hallowee n , but do you know what Halloween's true origin tale is? Halloween celebrations have existed since the 17th century and were linked to the Samhain Celtic festival, which marked the end of summer and the beginning of fall. The celebrations were held in accordance with Celtic cultural ideals. The Celts conducted rites in which they offered food and sweets to the dead and lit candles in order to provide light for their souls' eternal This Irish custom, which dates back more than 3000 years and is observed on the eve of the autumnal solstice, is based on the belief that on that night, the dead are said to mingle with the living. Irish immigrants who arrived in the United States and Canada in 1840 started the practice, which was firs

Insane Halloween Scary Story.The Leg

Insane HALLOWEEN Scary Story.The Leg 1.1 Sinopsis  According to tradition, the leg Is a crazy tale about a woman who terrorizes youngsters on Halloween by approaching them with a morbid attitude and asking them if they want the limb. If they say "no," the woman is responsible for chopping off 1.1.2-The Story