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Big foot scary monster

  Description  Bigfoot is a legendary yeti-like creature that has been seen in many parts of North America. This creature is also sometimes referred to as Sasquatch or Yeti. After some time, anecdotes about Bigfoot have gone into oral custom and become piece of provincial legends. The verifiable record of Bigfoot in the Oregon country starts in 1904 with sightings of a bristly "out of control man" by pilgrims during the Sixes Stream region in the Coast Reach; comparative records by diggers and trackers continued in later many years. In 1924, excavators on Mount St. Helens professed to have been gone after by goliath "chimps," an episode broadly detailed in the Oregon press. Neighborhood Local Americans utilized this occasion to examine openly their own insight into tsiatko, hirsute "wild Indians" of the forest Bigfoot is known by many titles with various societies albeit