The Day of the Dead.It’s Halloween.

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A summary of the history of HALLOWEEN
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It's Halloween, but do you know what Halloween's true

origin tale is?

Halloween celebrations have existed since the 17th

century and were linked to the Samhain Celtic festival,

which marked the end of summer and the beginning of


The celebrations were held in accordance with Celtic

cultural ideals. The Celts conducted rites in which they

offered food and sweets to the dead and lit candles in

order to provide light for their souls' eternal

This Irish custom, which dates back more than 3000 years

and is observed on the eve of the autumnal solstice, is

based on the belief that on that night, the dead are said to

mingle with the living.

Irish immigrants who arrived in the United States and

Canada in 1840 started the practice, which was first

observed in a less formal manner than it is now. The term

is derived from the English expression "All Hallows' Eve,

which is equivalent to "the eve of All Saints."

The well-known Celtic pagan festival known as Samain is

the Halloween holiday.

Samhain is a somewhat enigmatic holiday,

The Ancient Celtic priests

known as Druids would light a new bonfire and then

scatter animal bones from sacrificed animals onto the

bonfire (this is how the word "bonfire" comes from bone.


When Christians first arrived in Ireland in the fifth century

Including some of the paganism's festivals into the

Catholic calendar made it easier for Christians to win

people over to their beliefs when they first arrived in

Ireland in the fifth century CE, and Samhain is one such


The day of the dead and a pagan holiday are combined to

create a ritual; on the one hand, food and treats are sent

to the dead to make them happy, while on the other,

costumes of ghosts, witches, and skeletons are the most

popular figures typical of the pagan festivals of Samhain.

The colors of Halloween (orange, purple, and black) are

thought to represent power, mystery, and death as well as

the evil.

Here in the United States, people celebrate Halloween,

also known as the Day of the Witches, with candles,

pumpkins, costumes, and outings to haunted houses or


Children and teenagers trick-or-treat by going door to

door with their catchphrase, receiving candy, chocolate,

and gifts in return.

And this last little bit adds to the history of Halloween. 

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