A Japanese urban legend a ghostly woman Teke Teke.

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2-The Legend 



A urban legend about the spirit of a young woman

or adolescent  who after falling on the tracks gets crushed by a train and is cut in half.

When an angry spirit (Onry) or evil spirit (Yökai), it drags It moves by dragging itself with the aid of its hands or

itself around by using its hands or elbows, and as it elbows as an angry spirit (Onry) or wicked spirit

scrapes the surface, his torso makes the unique sound (Yökai),

that gives him his name. This pounces on a prey and while his torso emits the distinctive sound that gives

slashes him in half if they find him after dark.

Teke Teke a Japanese legend

The legend 

Legend has it that the Teke Teke is the ghost of a young woman who tragically died in a train

station. In her life, the girl was an introvert, and that made her a frequent target of heavy

jokes by her classmates. Until one day one of the jokes got out of hand. One summer day

(cicada season in Japan), her companions, seeing her waiting for the train with a lost look,

sneaked up behind her and placed a cicada on her shoulder. When she saw it, she started to

jump to take it off, and she ended up falling on the train tracks, where a fast Shinkansen

(high-speed train) cut her in two. Her friends were so busy laughing at her joke that they

didn't notice the train approaching, and by the time they did it was too late. The boys swore

not to tell anyone about what had happened and they made public the version that, as she

was a strange girl, she couldn't stand her life and she decided to throw herself in front of the Train

as it passed by.

But one night the young woman returned for her revenge. The three friends were walking at

night near the place, when they began to hear a very strange sound that seemed to be

getting closer and closer. When they turned around, there it was: the girl with no legs and

her guts hanging out as she stared at them. They tried to run away, but it was useless. The

ghost prepared to cut the three friends in half with a scythe, and thus leave them in the

same condition.

Since then, the ghost Teke Teke haunts the train stations in Japan, dragging the upper half

of his body with his hands and ending the life of whoever crosses his path; always looking for new victims to satisfy his need for


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