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Urban Scary Legend :Twin Girls

  Do you like scary urban legends? Here in this post I show you one of the most disturbing urban legends: Twin Girls the most terrifying short stories ever written. The Twin Girls is a creepy urban legend that is very popular with children in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. There was a married couple who lived in a rural area of Spain. Their house was a modest little cottage, located on the edge of a busy main road. They had two daughters who were both twin girls. As they grew up, the twin girls were very well-behaved. They never fought or argued. They lived happily together and hated to be separated. One day, the mother had to go to the shop and buy some milk and bread. She didn’t want to leave the girls on their own so she brought them with her. Grasping both girls by the hand, the mother led them across the busy road. Unfortunately, the mother had forgotten to look both ways before she crossed the street. Just as they neared the other side, she heard a loud screech an

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